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Building trusted data ecosystems

We are building innovative products to strengthen trust in the digital world by harnessing the power of blockchain

Transforming identity

Using the latest open standards, we are on a journey to transform identity so that individuals regain control of their digital relationships and credentials.



What problems are
we solving

Digital Credentials

Securing your credentials by making them tamper-proof, easily shareable, and verifiable worldwide. You can selectively share information from your credentials or combine data from multiple certificates to autofill application forms.

Property Registration

Using blockchain to create a single source of truth for authentic and tamper-proof property records ensuring a non-repudiable chain of transactions for the land. It brings various departments in sync with each other for ease of governance.

Integrity ecosystem

Leveraging the blockchain to build a trust layer to ensure the integrity of any digital records, prevent malicious tampering, and enable digitally auditable ecosystems.

Blockchain consultancy

We help create blockchain strategy/roadmaps & initial business value propositions to fulfill your business objectives. Identifying & researching domains where blockchain has the potential to drive industry-level revolution.



Identity in the 21st century India: Where are we?

This whitepaper is an attempt to understand identity from a governance perspective and the various methods of identification used. In particular, it analyzes India's central digital identity infrastructure – its motivations, the benefits it has yielded, the challenges it faces, and the dangers that might adversely impact it.

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