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Exchange of data, simple and trusted 

We provide everything needed for issuing, managing, sharing, and verifying trusted data, built using latest open standards

Trential for individuals

Easy and secure identity management

Our portfolio of products make it easy for anyone to get to pace quickly

Trential Credential Manager

Where our intervention will be extraordinary


Issue any kind of document digitally with ease. Eliminate the risk of forged data.


Save time and resources by verifying credentials without contacting the issuing organization.


Automate your business processes by defining workflows for issuance and verification.


Documents issued by you should look the way you want.


Prevent misuse of credentials with one - click revocation services.


Use our no-code offering to customize and deploy a self-service portal that individuals can use to get credentials.


Receive your credentials by scanning a QR or clicking a link. It's that simple. 


Share only what is relevant, leave out unnecessary details and minimalize data sharing.


Backup your important credentials regularly, your identity in your control. 


Organise your credentials in one place, synced across devices. 


Built on open standards, credentials are portable.


Explore from a myriad of credentials being offered by organisations.

Trential Wallet

A revolutionary way to carry your credentials.

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How our ecosystem works?

Powered by Trential Engine

Information Architecture

Revolutionary use cases

Autofilling forms

Use the data you already have to autofill lengthy forms.

Selective Disclosure

Share only what is relevant, leave out unnecessary details and minimalize data sharing

Passwordless login

Instead of entering passwords, simply login using your mobile phone

Automated Workflows

Construct digital workflows, checklists and consistent procedures for your team and external stakeholders and remove the risk of human error.

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