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Digital Credentials

We are building a new generation of digital credentials powered by blockchain technology that is easily shareable and instantly verifiable anywhere in the world. Based on the philosophy of Self Sovereign Identity, it ensures authenticity verification of your certificates and gives you the control over your data while maintaining immutability and security to it's core.

Digital Credentials

Problems we are solving

Identity theft
and forgery

Issuer dependency for verification

Lack of consent driven sharing

Difficulty in sharing digitally

Missing immutable revocation registry

Breach of privacy & correlation


Instant verification
Your credentials can be instantly verified by anyone anywhere around the world.
Selective disclosure
Share only what is relevant, leave out unnecessary details and minimize data sharing.
Tamper proof
The solution to the ever-increasing forged certificates.
Prevent misuse of credential with one - click revocation services.
Truly own your credentials, all data belongs to you & you only.
Fraud prevention
Make it hard to impersonate credentials with  cryptographic  signatures.

Our Solution

Our solution
Trential Credential Manager

One-stop application for organizations to create, manage and issue, and verify trusted data.

Trential wallet

A secure digital wallet for citizens to receive, store, and share all their digital credentials from a single application.

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Verification service

Verification Services for universities/ recruiters to conduct instant background verifications from anywhere

Use cases


  • Voter-ID

  • Identity & access management

  • Passport

  • Employee verification

  • Digital Land & Vehicle registry


  • Health records

  • Insurance Claim

  • Birth & Vaccination Certificates

  • Patient’s Identity

  • Medical Prescription


  • Digital Degree and Certificates

  • Identity during exams

  • Enrollment in Institutions

  • Verified CV & Qualifications  

  • Scholarship and loan application

Financial services

  • Instant KYC/AML Compliances

  • Reduced customer onboarding costs

  • Automated authentications

  • Credit history verifications

  • Fraud reductions & improved sales

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