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Verify Once
Use Everywhere
Manage Consent

Link your credentials once, get them instantly verified across all platforms.

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Available Credentials

Experience The Future Of Digital Identity

Tired of scanning documents, sharing pdfs and keeping track of all folders where your data is saved/stored? Trential Wallet provides convenience and privacy for managing your digital identity, making identity verification secure and seamless.

Build Your Verified Profile

  • Add credentials and build the strength of your Digital Identity to unlock and avail services

  • Your data as Verifiable Credentials can be reused several times

  • All your credentials are stored locally in secure wallet, always in your control

Privacy Focused Data Sharing

  • No need to send entire documents, Share only the necessary information from your credentials

  • Prove your identity (like age) without disclosing your sensitive personal details (like DoB) . Yes, it’s possible!

Backup & Restore

  • Backup your credentials so that you don’t lose your identity even if you lose your phone

  • Support for both Google Drive and Apple Cloud

  • Wallet Sync (coming soon)

Access Tailored Services

  • Your Verified Profile unlocks various exclusive services and offers such as Student Discounts

Manage Consent (coming soon)

  • Manage consent to your data spread across various organisations

  • Keep track of the data that you have shared

  • Revoke access to your data

(coming soon)

  • Check if your data has been compromised in hacks

  • Gets alerts if your data has been leaked

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